The Smallest Star
Super Small / Shrinking Potion / Can't Escape From
Chloe / Death Under My Foot

Resistance is Futile
Getting Machine Gunned
Horse Riding Hotties 3
Bubblegum Blues / Stuck on the Job
Sorority House Slave
Horse Riding Hotties 4
Stick 'Em Up
Shoeless in San Diego 2
Horse Riding Hotties 5
Desiree Dials / Sunny at the Payphone
Sunny's Setbacks
Stuck Solicitors / Stretchy, Sticky, Stringy Glue / April Fools
The Anniversary Present
The Ride Home and Driving Uncle Martin
Unbearable with Kenzi and Sunny
The Evil Stepdaughter
Thundering Footsteps / Michael & Mary Jane / Small vs. Tall / One Foot Tall / Michael the Midget
Sunny in the Seville
The Sissy Gets Spanked 9