Tickle Torture Tactics
The Smallest Man in the World / Tiny Michael
Barefoot Buddies / How to Make a Living Doll / The Breaking Point
Sticky Dance / Party Pooper / Gummed Up
Jacqueline's Spanking Secrets / Penelope's Spanking Secrets
Quad Feature
Chloe's Drink and Penelope's Powers
Slowly Dissolving in Penelope's Stomach Acid
Female Exterminators
Persia the Predator / Glove Love/ Poison Penelope
Taylor's Tall Tales
Flirty Feet / Penelope's Barefoot Journey
Preppy Pedal Pumping with Penelope and Dahvia
Dr. Harrison the Psychiatrist
Natural Born Killers 2
Penelope's Reign
Sexy Strangulation / Muffled by Minx / Smothered by CeCe / Lynching Ladies
Dr. Harrison the Psychiatrist Part 2
Mistresses of Murder
Gulped Down Alive by Penelope
Breaking Dishes and Eggs with Penelope / Breaking Dishes with Maxine / Mutilation by Karate Girls

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