Daisy's Delicious Snack / Lexi Loves Vore / Goldfish Party
Dropping Down / Levelled by Lexi
Leadfoot Lexi
The Shrunken Suitor / In the Land of the Giantesses / Getting the Low Down
Lexi's Hex / Swallowing my Date
Hunger Pains
Lexi's Running Late
Lexi's Lousy Car
Drowsy Divas / Mattress Mamas
Earthworm Execution
Cadillac Crisis / Lexi's Loud Car / Pretty on the Pedals
On Lexi's Lap / Ron to the Rescue
Peeping Paul
Board to Death
Lexi's Puny Pet
Land of the Giantesses
Sniff Snuff
Trio of Terror
Lexi Larger Than Life / Cold Blooded Killer / A Lucky Lobster


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