Cousin Desiree
Horse Riding Hotties
Desiree's Dirty Drive / Grinding Gears
Resistance is Futile
Horse Riding Hotties 2
Sister Superior Gets Stuck / Stuck in the Theater / Sticky Surprise
Bubblegum Blues / Stuck on the Job
The Sissy Gets Spanked 5
Smoking Scenes with Desiree
Shoeless in San Diego 2
Operation / A Date With Destiny
Desiree Dials / Sunny at the Payphone
At Avery's Feet / At Sandy's Spikes / Mini Michael
Desiree's Stomach Acid
Last Chance for the Little Man
Diana's Death Grip / Desiree's Death Grip
Bitchy Beauties
Desiree's Date
Humiliating the Homeless
Picked Up by Penelope / Shrunk & Surrounded / A Powerful Potion / Less Than an Inch