Bear Foot Rub With Daisy
Pushing Up Daisies
Funny Business
Glued Shoes 3
Tickle Torture Tactics
The Smallest Man in the World / Tiny Michael
Stick or Treat
Sole Stimulation / Tempting Tickles
Panty Slave
Chloe Settles the Score / Tan and Tickle /
Pizza Boy Pajama Party

Stuck at School / Caught in Costume / The Stuck Stripper
Barefoot Buddies / How to Make a Living Doll / The Breaking Point
The Sissy Gets Spanked 4
School of Bondage / Secured and Spanked
Planted Pumps / Daisy's Dilemma
The Double D Swallow
Pantyhose Playtime With Daisy
Gunned Down
Gun Games
Hanging Dreams Volume 6
Peanut Butter Party With Daisy
Daisy's Duel
Deflated With Daisy

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